About Sheffield Shamblers

Do you enjoy walking but want to do this at a leisurely pace? Fed up with walking groups that want to beat the clock over the distance of the walk? Or maybe you are new to walking and fear that you won't be able to keep up with experienced walkers? Then come and join the SHEFFIELD SHAMBLERS WALKING GROUP!

We are a group of people of all ages and from every walk of life who enjoy walking and having a good time. Pleasant company and a good sense of humour is essential on all our walks. If you are looking for formal walks organised with military precision and strict codes of conduct, then this club is not for you!
Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead at all times.

The best way to describe what the Shamblers is all about is to tell you about some of our walks...

How To Become A Member

Becoming a member is easy! all you have to do is look on our walks page and if you see a walk you want to join us on contact us for the meeting point so we know to expect you.

You will need to be at the start poit 15 mins before the walk starts as you will have to fill in a health / registration form and pay a registration fee of £2 

To complete your registration you will receive a welcome email after you have completed your first walk this will also give you instructions how to join our online forum so you can post on the next walk..

See our Privacy Policy

Wednesday Chapeltown Health Walks

These walks are ideal for anybody, even if you have never walked with a group before. These are only 90 minutes afterwhich we have a cup of coffee making it an ideal opportunity to meet other members.

The Wednesday group have a fantastic time in all weathers with plenty of banter and laughter. All the members will tell how much better they feel by getting out and walking and socialising. No one ever holds the group back as we pride ourselves on looking after everyone; we never leave anyone behind.

If you are thinking about getting more exercise, these health walks are a gentel introduction, a gateway into a healthier lifestyle.

Thursday Daytime / Evening Walks

Due to the fantastic success of our health walk programme and because our original health walkers have got fitter, we now put on 'healthier health walks' which are a bit more challenging and a longer distance. These take place every other Thursday during the daytime and help progress our health walkers to an even better level of fitness. Our evening Thursday walk programme run from mid April to mid September and alternate to our daytime programme

Many have graduated from the health walk scheme, through the health walks to the thursday walks and more  challenging walks at the weekends.

Saturday / Sunday Daytime Walks

At the opposite end of the scale we undertake 'moderate and challenging' walks in the Peak District and beyond.  These walks will test those who like to scale an 'incline', negotiate a muddy track or clamber down steep slopes.

These walks take place at the weekends with a start time between 10 or 11am (see our walks page for confirmation) so even if you are working you can come along and experience the great outdoors, fill your lungs with fresh air and take in the views.

Note: Our challenging walks which are usually the day after our fortnightly Saturday walk are reserved for current members only with the opposit Sunday being moderate and open to new members.

In true Shamblers style we never leave anyone behind and ensure that everyone enjoys the experience and feels a sense of achievement at the end of the walk. It is almost a tradition that we find a local hostelry at the end of ther day to refresh ourselves and chat about the walk.